How to take care of Guinea Pigs

If you want to read an article clearing all the queries about Guinea Pigs then definitely this is the right article for you.

If you are looking to buy a new pet for your child then certainly Guinea Pigs are the one of the best options. Guinea pigs (or Cavies) are small species of Rodent family. Despite their name they are neither Guinea nor Pig.

They are about 20-25 cm in Length and Weighing between 700g and 1,200g. Their lifespan is average about 4-5 years but may live long as Eight years.

They are fascinating, intelligent and if handled correctly are quite friendly.

They are viewed as an easy pet for the children but they require special attention & care than the child’s favorite stuffed toy.

These are the things all you need to know about guinea pig.

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How to Take Care of a Bunny

Considered among one of the adorable house pet to have.  They have wonderful characteristics and could easily get adjusted according to your surroundings.  They could easily get adjust either you live in a house, or an apartment.  As they are among sensitive pet to have, they need lot of extra care and maintenance.  They could tend to be among one of the best human companions.

The lifespan could be more than 10 years, depending about how much care you are giving towards this cute little adorable pet. There are about varieties of breeds, which may differ in size, color, and personality. These could tend to be furriest members to add up to your family.

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Old Dog

How to Take Care of Old Dogs

Dogs are the first choice for anyone, who want to adopt pets in their family members. They indeed are among one of the best friends for the humans.  But they too get old, and as they are the most loved pets, you need to care about the ageing factor of your dog, so that he could be healthy and happy.  They do not need that much of care when they start getting old, but you have to be attentive how to provide better care for your old dog.

It’s better to understand the symptoms that your dog is getting older. Here are some tips that would solve out your dogs ageing factor:

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How to Take Care of Goldfish

How to Take Care of Goldfish

Goldfish are among one of the common pets that you could easily find in most of the houses. They are considered to be first among the species of fish, which you can adopt as a pet.

Taming a goldfish could be enjoyed by both, children and adults. As they are small tiny creatures, they need a lot of proper care to look after, for having a healthy and stress free goldfish in your house.  Their environment control is upon your hand, as they deserve proper and suitable environment for their survival.

These could make great decoration for your office and homes. Gold fish are among one of the most demanded pets to adopt for your family since very long. They come in lot of different varieties, which would make an adorable pet to have.

As these pets are small and sensitive to care, let’s go down for some tips which would help to keep your little loved ones, healthy and happy.

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How to Take Care of a Hamster

Hamster’s are considered to make one of the most delightful pets for your house.  If some one is among the night owl type, the hamsters could be a great companion for you. As they fall sleep all day long and are highly active at nights.  They are easy to handle and care.  They seem to manage their weights by doing some heavy aerobics at the night.  They tend to be very friendly and also doesn’t look so much of untidy.  The life expectancy of these little creatures are up to 2-3 years.  To make sure your hamster is happy and healthy, one will need to feed them right and spent enough time for their physical activities and check on he regular cleaning for their cages.

Let’s follow up by some steps for providing a better care for your hamster. They are sensitive pets, so you need to take a bit of extra care towards them, for their proper health and hygiene.  The proper care to a hamster could be provided by the following steps:



1 –  Hamster are relatively low maintenance pets to bring to your house, however they need bit of extra care than rest of the pets that you take to your house.  If you are planning to bring a hamster to your house, keep in mind that his place or cage should be kept away from the reach of other pet animals like cats and dogs. Also remember never set up their cage so near to a window in your house.

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