How to take care of Guinea Pigs

If you want to read an article clearing all the queries about Guinea Pigs then definitely this is the right article for you.

If you are looking to buy a new pet for your child then certainly Guinea Pigs are the one of the best options. Guinea pigs (or Cavies) are small species of Rodent family. Despite their name they are neither Guinea nor Pig.

They are about 20-25 cm in Length and Weighing between 700g and 1,200g. Their lifespan is average about 4-5 years but may live long as Eight years.

They are fascinating, intelligent and if handled correctly are quite friendly.

They are viewed as an easy pet for the children but they require special attention & care than the child’s favorite stuffed toy.

These are the things all you need to know about guinea pig.

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15 Cute Pets that you want to Adopt Right Away

Everybody loves to adopt a pet to their house and family. Either the generation is young, old whatever, they all want to have a pet with them. Adoption of the pets doesn’t means that they meant to only keep inside our houses, animals such as cows and horses too could be kept as pets. They could also provide us with milk and everything else.  Let’s look upon, what types of pets could you adopt for your homes. There are some exotic  animals which could also be tammed as a new member in the family.

Now days people are taming almost every kind of animal, whom they think would cause no danger to them. There are some animals which are now in demand for assuming in and as pets:

1 – Dogs – One of the most trusted and common pets that people are fond off. These are offered in large varieties through out the globe. Dogs are human’s first choice when it comes for the adoption of pets to their houses.  People like to keep 2 – 3 different breeds of dogs together in their houses. They are the best friends of the humans and one of  the best kind of pets on which you could relay on.



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