15 Cute Pets That You Want To Adopt Right Away

Everybody loves to adopt a pet to their house and family. Either the generation is young, old whatever, they all want to have a pet with them. Adoption of the pets doesn’t means that they meant to only keep inside our houses, animals such as cows and horses too could be kept as pets. They could also provide us with milk and everything else.  Let’s look upon, what types of pets could you adopt for your homes. There are some exotic  animals which could also be tammed as a new member in the family.

Now days people are taming almost every kind of animal, whom they think would cause no danger to them. There are some animals which are now in demand for assuming in and as pets:

1 – Dogs

One of the most trusted and common pets that people are fond off. These are offered in large varieties through out the globe. Dogs are human’s first choice when it comes for the adoption of pets to their houses.  People like to keep 2 – 3 different breeds of dogs together in their houses. They are the best friends of the humans and one of  the best kind of pets on which you could relay on.


2 – Cats

They are something very cute to adopt as your new family members. Sometimes cats comes first in demand when talking about adopting a new pet to the house. Some people are very much fond of cats rather than dogs.  They are friendly and very cute to keep them along with you as your little ones.


3 – Hog Nose Skunk

These are the family members of the Mephitidae.  They are the native of the America. They could be organized, as they have white backs and tails and underparts are black.  There average size is two feet long. They are about 5 to 10 ponds in weight.  These species are only found in America.  They feed on insects and small mammals, that’s the reason native farmers want to keep them as pets, so that they could eat away the pest that destroy the crops.  This animal could spread out bad odor if threatened.

Hog Nose Skunk

4 – Hedgehogs

These are the pets mainly acquired by the people of North America.  This pet is quite compact in their size, extending up to only 5-8 inches in length.  Their life span is up to 8 years, and insects come up in their natural diets.  Fair low maintenance pet to have around.  Their backs are covered with short spines and underparts are covered with soft fur.  When any threat is near them, they roll themselves into a tight ball, with all the spines poking towards outside, and when they are relaxed the spines are flatly laid down.


5 – American Parakeet

One of the species of parrot, general have a long tail and feathers.  They are considered to be among one of the most attractive companion, for their happy chippings. People love to bring American Parakeet to their homes as pets.  This bird is easy to take care of and are small birds with long tails.  Their main diets are seeds, fresh fruits and vegetables.  They are very good in social interaction if given regularly since their small age.  One of the most joyful pets to keep inside your house.


6 – Lizards

These creatures have been one of the captive breed in the Untied States for more than 20 years. People are fond of having a pet in the form of lizard, they consider them a great species for their homes.  They offer a huge variety of color, pattern and size.  They could grow up to 10 inches long.  Lizards like Leopard Gecko and Bearded Dragon are most common species used as pets.


7 –  Ferret

They have been domesticated since two thousand years.  They could live up to 12 years, and they need to be handled with a lot of care and regular check ups, as these will help these little bundle of energy to remain in better shape.  Ferrets tends to be very excellent pet indeed, all depends upon how much time do you give them and the bonding.  They are naturally quite and intelligent.  These little creatures love to play, so add their cage with some toys so that they get engaged in themselves when you are not around.  They love to eat cereals and lock on bowls are liked by Ferrets.


8 –  Fennec Fox

This creature is  also known as the desert fox.  They tend to be great exotic pet to have.  Fennec fox are very friendly and can be enjoyed by the whole family.  Their characteristic tend to show both the mixture of cat and dog.  They have a kind of similar bark as a dog.  They are not big in their shape and size, as the adult could only weigh about 3 pounds.  They are omnivores as they end up eating, rodents, fruits, plants, and small reptiles.  They are known for their digging.  They are one-of-a-kind cute and energy packed pet to have in your house.

Fennec Fox

9 – Potbelly Pig

Forget about the myths, that pigs are dirty and dumb. Potbelly pigs are intelligent, playful, curious, and clean.  Their intelligence makes them a good companion and loving part of the family. Due to their curiosity, sometimes they could turn mischievous and destructive. Make a research before adopting this animal as your pet.


10 – Sugar Glider Squirrel

They are consider to be social animals.  One of the most popular exotic pets in North  America, but these creatures could establish a unique bond with their owners, when handled from younger age.  There eyes are very sensitive to light rays.  They are high vocalized animals and could glide through air due to thin stretch of skin between their front and back legs.


11 –  Turtle

Turtles are one of  the most beloved and on demand pet. They have great facial expressions, attractive patterns on their shells and very gentle in nature.  As turtles intend to live for many years, so once you adopted a turtle they need extra care to be taken off for a longer period.  They are mainly carnivores,  till their young age and a adult turtle is omnivores.  They are the most loved pet through out the world.


12 – Rabbits

Recently the demand of rabbits as pets has changed a lot. Now people are showing their interest to adopt a rabbit as their new family member. They can indeed make a wonderful pet to have. They can be available in different shapes and color, which make them look so adorable to have. They’re curious, fun loving, and full of energy. One of the best animal to have as your pet.


13 –  Rats

These creatures have gained a lot a popularity as pets since past 100 years.  There average life span is about 3 years and are generally about ten inches long. They are mostly active at nights, and as of their intelligence they could be great pets to have and the maintenance is low too.


14 – Sloth

One of the most adorable pets to have around. Their most of the time is spent in sleeping and these creatures are pretty slow to move around.  They tend to be very affection able and you can’t resist yourself loving them.


15 – Pygmy Goat 

They need a larger space to live for and socialize.  If you are thinking of getting a pygmy goat, then you can go for adopting more than one.  Their life span is about 15 years.



These are some of the most commonly used pets through out the world. People are fond of keeping lizards and breeds of pigs too as their pets. These are in trend, for keeping animals likes these, as a new addition in the family members. Some are decent while some could be really exotic in their natures. Hope these pets could make a new and better enhancement in the family.