My name is Shantanu Sinha, 22 year old boy from India. Hope through this Blogging work would chance to make some new friends and gain a lot of information which would help me in reaching out to desired point.  Apart from this, I like to travel along and explore new places. I just loved to do that.  I am  a die hard music lover, it helps you to relax sometimes the most.

As, I am from India, where animals are being worshiped and they also tend to be a family members of ours.  Indeed now days everyone wants to have a pet for their homes, whether it’s a dog, cat or another animals which could be tamed.

Pets are like that little bundle of happiness which could bring a smile to your face even you had a bad day all over.

Some go for decent and friendly pets to adopt on, while there are pets who could just act as a safety guard for their owners. Well the matter is that, how much dangerous or harmless they are, they all show massive love and care for their owners. That is the main reason  why people show positive aspects when it comes for going to adopt a pet. I too have my own pet, Roadie. 4 year old German shepherd. Having a pet creates a bond between them and you. Sometime you could end up crying when anything happens to your pet, it’s a fact.  Pets are good thing to have, they could be your best friends of all time.

Hope you liked my views about the pets and should be thinking to bring one to your family.

Thank you.