Hamster’s are considered to make one of the most delightful pets for your house.  If some one is among the night owl type, the hamsters could be a great companion for you. As they fall sleep all day long and are highly active at nights.  They are easy to handle and care.  They seem to manage their weights by doing some heavy aerobics at the night.  They tend to be very friendly and also doesn’t look so much of untidy.  The life expectancy of these little creatures are up to 2-3 years.  To make sure your hamster is happy and healthy, one will need to feed them right and spent enough time for their physical activities and check on he regular cleaning for their cages.

Let’s follow up by some steps for providing a better care for your hamster. They are sensitive pets, so you need to take a bit of extra care towards them, for their proper health and hygiene.  The proper care to a hamster could be provided by the following steps:


1 –  Hamster are relatively low maintenance pets to bring to your house, however they need bit of extra care than rest of the pets that you take to your house.  If you are planning to bring a hamster to your house, keep in mind that his place or cage should be kept away from the reach of other pet animals like cats and dogs. Also remember never set up their cage so near to a window in your house.

2 –  When you are going to choose your hamster be specific about certain things as, they should have clean ears, no bald spots on their body, always watch out for teeth as they should be healthy, the fur of the hamster should be clean and dry and the tummy should be round in shape.  This things would make a perfect hamster as your pet.

3 –  Avoid purchasing a hamster who, are aggressive in nature and makes scratches and bites. Whereas also keep in mind that, the hamster is fearful, who  darts and hides way and do not appear any more in front of you. One of the most important rule regarding a hamster is, that never try to wake them up while they are sleeping. They might turn into an aggressive little monster and would be a grumpy hamster.

sleeping hamster

4 –  Hamsters are among the prey animals, so if you are going to adopt one,  you will definitely need first to gain their trust upon you.  They are great in escaping and hiding, so be attentive when you let them out for play and plan for a secure habitat for them.

5 –  Setting up the shelter for your little pet, could be the hardest job among all other things. As they are very notorious in nature and compact package of energy. A aquarium, mainly go for a glass one, is the best suited shelter for your hamster.  Always keep in mind that whatever shelter you choose for your hamster, that should be ventilated properly and allows a proper circulation of air in it. Interlocking plastics are in demand for setting up a better house for your hamster.  But a very suitable shelter for your hamster is a wire cage, that would keep the proper ventilation and your hamster wouldn’t be able to escape from it.

Hamster cage

6 –  Avoid holding your hamster shelter in direct sun light as, they are heat sensitive and could get overheated, which would result in their bad health.  Hamsters are very clever, so be sure that you sealed and pack all the possible hide outs for them or your pet  would get away easily.  If you are binding their shelter with wire, then the average gaps between them should not be more than 0.6 cm.

Bedding for hamster

7 – Avoid keeping two different breeds of hamsters in the same cage, this could lead into death for one of the hamsters.  Avoid laying the base of the hamster cage with plastic coatings,  as they could chew them up and could escape from their cage.  You can apply any paper based bedding, as it is good for your hamster and would not cause them any harm or health issues.

8 –  They love the exercise wheel fitted up in there cage. You can use solid plastic exercise wheels rather than  old fashioned wire wheel. Also add some new playing objectives like tunnels and other things which you could add up in the cage for the play time for you hamster.

Hamster in wheel

9 –  Let your hamster find the food on it’s own. Place them inside the funnel and hide them. Never give them food more than once, directly into the bowl. Your hamster might become overweight and would be facing health issues and would not be more interested in more physical activities. Avoid giving them humans food very much, the best suited meals for your hamster would be seeds, green leaves, and some of the insects.

Food for hamster

10 –  Do not let your hamster get much enclosure with too many people. Also engage your hamster with too may toys in their cage. Better create your own bonding with our little pet. Others could interact with him later, when he gets used to be tamed.

Conclusion –  These little creatures are fun to interact with. Indeed these creatures need a lot of care, if you are willing to adopt them. They are sensitive animals and should be handled with proper care. Also hamster are given respect to their sleeping cycle and do not liked to get disturbed while sleeping, as they could sometimes turn aggressive when they are forcefully woken up. Thus these are sweet little creatures to have as your pet and could be a great companion of yours.

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