Dogs are the first choice for anyone, who want to adopt pets in their family members. They indeed are among one of the best friends for the humans.  But they too get old, and as they are the most loved pets, you need to care about the ageing factor of your dog, so that he could be healthy and happy.  They do not need that much of care when they start getting old, but you have to be attentive how to provide better care for your old dog.

It’s better to understand the symptoms that your dog is getting older. Here are some tips that would solve out your dogs ageing factor:

Old dog

1 – After you make a note that your dog is getting old, try to provide him with a healthy diet. Go for a diet plan that is good for your dog’s lifestyle and age.  Avoid using cheap quality of dog food, as this could leave a bad effect upon their health. Never let your dog gaining a lot of weight.  This could lead to serious health issues like diabetes, cancer and overweight.  So it is hard to choose a diet plan which meets all the nutrients factors as well helps you dogs to remain in shape.

2 – Help your dog to get a proper exercise on daily basis.  This has to be done both mentally and physically. This activity helps to keep your dogs youthful.  Don’t take your dogs for a long walk; keep a short distance daily, for walking along with your dog. This will keep him fresh and peaceful.

Happy old dog

3 – One of the main things to be concerned about, when your dog is getting old, is their teeth.  As they get old, their gums and teeth began to get weak, provide them with toys that help to clean up their mouths or often consult dental treats from a doctor.  Consider your dog to go for a check up after six months, that would help you to know, what they need and how you can keep them healthy.

4 – As age of the dogs are increased, the immunity in their cells get weaker. This could also lead to health risk causes by fleas, worms and other dangerous insects. Considering a veteran doctor could help you in solving this problem.  Change your dog vaccination, having a consult by a doctor after every 3 years.

health care for old dog

5 – Provide extra care of love towards your dog. Activities like touching, hugging them, keep them happy and they loved being done like this when they start get ageing. If your dogs get bored out of his old toys, try getting him something soft toys, smaller in size. They will love to play among them. Set up a comfortable surroundings for your senior dog, where they can get easy availability of food, bedding and water to drink.  As per their age, their respiratory and lungs functioning stop working as their younger age.

Dental problem

6 – Disease get attract towards older dogs in compare to, when they are at younger age. Large breeds tend to have more health issues compared to smaller breeds; large breeds can face serious problems like arthritis in their backs.

Toe cancer

7 – Dogs seem to be one of the rigid pets to have, but as soon as they start to gain age, they could face a lot of serious health issues.  They accept more and more love and affection from their owners.  Also provide better temperature conditions for your dog, as older dog’s tries hard to regulate their body temperature. So it’s better to protect them from overheating conditions.

Infected dog

8 – As dogs starts to get old, they lack memory power and could have problems in their eye sight. You could also redesign your home, for their comforts, as you can use dog ramps instead of stairs, better design for their area’s to sleep with adding up extra blankets for them. For avoiding any issues due to your dog vision, try to keep up the floor clean so that they could feel comfortable in moving around in your house.

9 – Mental changes also sometimes lead in destructive behaviour and panic attacks.  Allow them to take their complete sleep during day time and restless during night. This will help your old dog to increase their activity level.  Not indulging them in physical activity, they could forget all the learning’s that you have made them learn through their younger period.  This is very necessary step to keep your dog socialized towards your family.

Bedding for old dog

10 – As dogs enter their age of maturity, their needs may change. After all their senses are not razor sharp as it was during their earlier period.  Show your care and love towards them if they are following you, especially from behind. They need your love and care towards them, as they are one of the family members of your house.

Conclusion – Dogs do show their love and affection towards their owners, but as time goes on, they too start to get old and they do expect the same from your side. After all, what they got in the name of family are you. So be careful about your dog as they start ageing. They need extra care, so that they could live in your family for a longer period of time.  So this animal need to care a lot when starts getting old.  Prefer visiting a veteran doctor always in 6 months for a regular check up for your dog and discuss the problems faced by them.

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