15 Cute Pets That You Want To Adopt Right Away

Everybody loves to adopt a pet to their house and family. Either the generation is young, old whatever, they all want to have a pet with them. Adoption of the pets doesn’t means that they meant to only keep inside our houses, animals such as cows and horses too could be kept as pets. They could also provide us with milk and everything else.  Let’s look upon, what types of pets could you adopt for your homes. There are some exotic  animals which could also be tammed as a new member in the family.

Now days people are taming almost every kind of animal, whom they think would cause no danger to them. There are some animals which are now in demand for assuming in and as pets:

1 – Dogs

One of the most trusted and common pets that people are fond off. These are offered in large varieties through out the globe. Dogs are human’s first choice when it comes for the adoption of pets to their houses.  People like to keep 2 – 3 different breeds of dogs together in their houses. They are the best friends of the humans and one of  the best kind of pets on which you could relay on.


2 – Cats

They are something very cute to adopt as your new family members. Sometimes cats comes first in demand when talking about adopting a new pet to the house. Some people are very much fond of cats rather than dogs.  They are friendly and very cute to keep them along with you as your little ones.


3 – Hog Nose Skunk

These are the family members of the Mephitidae.  They are the native of the America. They could be organized, as they have white backs and tails and underparts are black.  There average size is two feet long. They are about 5 to 10 ponds in weight.  These species are only found in America.  They feed on insects and small mammals, that’s the reason native farmers want to keep them as pets, so that they could eat away the pest that destroy the crops.  This animal could spread out bad odor if threatened.

Hog Nose Skunk

4 – Hedgehogs

These are the pets mainly acquired by the people of North America.  This pet is quite compact in their size, extending up to only 5-8 inches in length.  Their life span is up to 8 years, and insects come up in their natural diets.  Fair low maintenance pet to have around.  Their backs are covered with short spines and underparts are covered with soft fur.  When any threat is near them, they roll themselves into a tight ball, with all the spines poking towards outside, and when they are relaxed the spines are flatly laid down.


5 – American Parakeet

One of the species of parrot, general have a long tail and feathers.  They are considered to be among one of the most attractive companion, for their happy chippings. People love to bring American Parakeet to their homes as pets.  This bird is easy to take care of and are small birds with long tails.  Their main diets are seeds, fresh fruits and vegetables.  They are very good in social interaction if given regularly since their small age.  One of the most joyful pets to keep inside your house.


6 – Lizards

These creatures have been one of the captive breed in the Untied States for more than 20 years. People are fond of having a pet in the form of lizard, they consider them a great species for their homes.  They offer a huge variety of color, pattern and size.  They could grow up to 10 inches long.  Lizards like Leopard Gecko and Bearded Dragon are most common species used as pets.


7 –  Ferret

They have been domesticated since two thousand years.  They could live up to 12 years, and they need to be handled with a lot of care and regular check ups, as these will help these little bundle of energy to remain in better shape.  Ferrets tends to be very excellent pet indeed, all depends upon how much time do you give them and the bonding.  They are naturally quite and intelligent.  These little creatures love to play, so add their cage with some toys so that they get engaged in themselves when you are not around.  They love to eat cereals and lock on bowls are liked by Ferrets.


8 –  Fennec Fox

This creature is  also known as the desert fox.  They tend to be great exotic pet to have.  Fennec fox are very friendly and can be enjoyed by the whole family.  Their characteristic tend to show both the mixture of cat and dog.  They have a kind of similar bark as a dog.  They are not big in their shape and size, as the adult could only weigh about 3 pounds.  They are omnivores as they end up eating, rodents, fruits, plants, and small reptiles.  They are known for their digging.  They are one-of-a-kind cute and energy packed pet to have in your house.

Fennec Fox

9 – Potbelly Pig

Forget about the myths, that pigs are dirty and dumb. Potbelly pigs are intelligent, playful, curious, and clean.  Their intelligence makes them a good companion and loving part of the family. Due to their curiosity, sometimes they could turn mischievous and destructive. Make a research before adopting this animal as your pet.


10 – Sugar Glider Squirrel

They are consider to be social animals.  One of the most popular exotic pets in North  America, but these creatures could establish a unique bond with their owners, when handled from younger age.  There eyes are very sensitive to light rays.  They are high vocalized animals and could glide through air due to thin stretch of skin between their front and back legs.


11 –  Turtle

Turtles are one of  the most beloved and on demand pet. They have great facial expressions, attractive patterns on their shells and very gentle in nature.  As turtles intend to live for many years, so once you adopted a turtle they need extra care to be taken off for a longer period.  They are mainly carnivores,  till their young age and a adult turtle is omnivores.  They are the most loved pet through out the world.


12 – Rabbits

Recently the demand of rabbits as pets has changed a lot. Now people are showing their interest to adopt a rabbit as their new family member. They can indeed make a wonderful pet to have. They can be available in different shapes and color, which make them look so adorable to have. They’re curious, fun loving, and full of energy. One of the best animal to have as your pet.


13 –  Rats

These creatures have gained a lot a popularity as pets since past 100 years.  There average life span is about 3 years and are generally about ten inches long. They are mostly active at nights, and as of their intelligence they could be great pets to have and the maintenance is low too.


14 – Sloth

One of the most adorable pets to have around. Their most of the time is spent in sleeping and these creatures are pretty slow to move around.  They tend to be very affection able and you can’t resist yourself loving them.


15 – Pygmy Goat 

They need a larger space to live for and socialize.  If you are thinking of getting a pygmy goat, then you can go for adopting more than one.  Their life span is about 15 years.



These are some of the most commonly used pets through out the world. People are fond of keeping lizards and breeds of pigs too as their pets. These are in trend, for keeping animals likes these, as a new addition in the family members. Some are decent while some could be really exotic in their natures. Hope these pets could make a new and better enhancement in the family.

How To Take Care Of A Hamster

Hamster’s are considered to make one of the most delightful pets for your house.  If some one is among the night owl type, the hamsters could be a great companion for you. As they fall sleep all day long and are highly active at nights.  They are easy to handle and care.  They seem to manage their weights by doing some heavy aerobics at the night.  They tend to be very friendly and also doesn’t look so much of untidy.  The life expectancy of these little creatures are up to 2-3 years.  To make sure your hamster is happy and healthy, one will need to feed them right and spent enough time for their physical activities and check on he regular cleaning for their cages.

Let’s follow up by some steps for providing a better care for your hamster. They are sensitive pets, so you need to take a bit of extra care towards them, for their proper health and hygiene.  The proper care to a hamster could be provided by the following steps:


1 –  Hamster are relatively low maintenance pets to bring to your house, however they need bit of extra care than rest of the pets that you take to your house.  If you are planning to bring a hamster to your house, keep in mind that his place or cage should be kept away from the reach of other pet animals like cats and dogs. Also remember never set up their cage so near to a window in your house.

2 –  When you are going to choose your hamster be specific about certain things as, they should have clean ears, no bald spots on their body, always watch out for teeth as they should be healthy, the fur of the hamster should be clean and dry and the tummy should be round in shape.  This things would make a perfect hamster as your pet.

3 –  Avoid purchasing a hamster who, are aggressive in nature and makes scratches and bites. Whereas also keep in mind that, the hamster is fearful, who  darts and hides way and do not appear any more in front of you. One of the most important rule regarding a hamster is, that never try to wake them up while they are sleeping. They might turn into an aggressive little monster and would be a grumpy hamster.

sleeping hamster

4 –  Hamsters are among the prey animals, so if you are going to adopt one,  you will definitely need first to gain their trust upon you.  They are great in escaping and hiding, so be attentive when you let them out for play and plan for a secure habitat for them.

5 –  Setting up the shelter for your little pet, could be the hardest job among all other things. As they are very notorious in nature and compact package of energy. A aquarium, mainly go for a glass one, is the best suited shelter for your hamster.  Always keep in mind that whatever shelter you choose for your hamster, that should be ventilated properly and allows a proper circulation of air in it. Interlocking plastics are in demand for setting up a better house for your hamster.  But a very suitable shelter for your hamster is a wire cage, that would keep the proper ventilation and your hamster wouldn’t be able to escape from it.

Hamster cage

6 –  Avoid holding your hamster shelter in direct sun light as, they are heat sensitive and could get overheated, which would result in their bad health.  Hamsters are very clever, so be sure that you sealed and pack all the possible hide outs for them or your pet  would get away easily.  If you are binding their shelter with wire, then the average gaps between them should not be more than 0.6 cm.

Bedding for hamster

7 – Avoid keeping two different breeds of hamsters in the same cage, this could lead into death for one of the hamsters.  Avoid laying the base of the hamster cage with plastic coatings,  as they could chew them up and could escape from their cage.  You can apply any paper based bedding, as it is good for your hamster and would not cause them any harm or health issues.

8 –  They love the exercise wheel fitted up in there cage. You can use solid plastic exercise wheels rather than  old fashioned wire wheel. Also add some new playing objectives like tunnels and other things which you could add up in the cage for the play time for you hamster.

Hamster in wheel

9 –  Let your hamster find the food on it’s own. Place them inside the funnel and hide them. Never give them food more than once, directly into the bowl. Your hamster might become overweight and would be facing health issues and would not be more interested in more physical activities. Avoid giving them humans food very much, the best suited meals for your hamster would be seeds, green leaves, and some of the insects.

Food for hamster

10 –  Do not let your hamster get much enclosure with too many people. Also engage your hamster with too may toys in their cage. Better create your own bonding with our little pet. Others could interact with him later, when he gets used to be tamed.

Conclusion –  These little creatures are fun to interact with. Indeed these creatures need a lot of care, if you are willing to adopt them. They are sensitive animals and should be handled with proper care. Also hamster are given respect to their sleeping cycle and do not liked to get disturbed while sleeping, as they could sometimes turn aggressive when they are forcefully woken up. Thus these are sweet little creatures to have as your pet and could be a great companion of yours.

How To Take Care Of Goldfish

Goldfish are among one of the common pets that you could easily find in most of the houses. They are considered to be first among the species of fish, which you can adopt as a pet.

Taming a goldfish could be enjoyed by both, children and adults. As they are small tiny creatures, they need a lot of proper care to look after, for having a healthy and stress free goldfish in your house.  Their environment control is upon your hand, as they deserve proper and suitable environment for their survival.

These could make great decoration for your office and homes. Gold fish are among one of the most demanded pets to adopt for your family since very long. They come in lot of different varieties, which would make an adorable pet to have.

As these pets are small and sensitive to care, let’s go down for some tips which would help to keep your little loved ones, healthy and happy.

9 Simple Tips on How to Take Care of Goldfish

How to Take Care of Goldfish

1 –  Talking about goldfish, from very long they are tend to be kept in small fish bowl, which decreases their life span. As risk of having ammonia increases for them in small fish bowls. So for better health and longer life span, always go for tank which is large enough.

Gold fish bowl

Gold fish need about 35 liters of water in their bowl or tank whatever you choose from. That requirement is just for tiny gold fish, you will have to accommodate the amount of water, as your fish tends to grow in size. They best suitable place to keep them is either ponds or aquarium.

2 –  Be careful about the diet which you are giving to your goldfish.  These tiny creatures are mainly omnivores and could eat almost everything.  They could eat up leaves, insects or algae, in their diet. They are very much fond of varieties of food which are given to them. You can also add up some fresh fruits and green vegetables, chopped into small pieces to feed them. Giving over-diet of food could result in their death.

Aquarium for goldfish

3 –  Go for laying down large gravel’s inside your best fish tank. This would enhance the beauty of your fish tank and if the size are big, your gold fish wouldn’t swallow them. As often, the foods gets struck down into these gravels and while searching for food sometimes goldfish goes on swallowing the gravel’s which could result in their death. Clean the gravels before laying them inside your aquarium and soak them for at least one whole day. This would remove the toxins from the gravels. So that your goldfish could not get harm by unhealthy toxins.

4 –  Gold fish can survive in cold water, and the aquarium doesn’t need to be heated for their suitable living conditions.  They can adjust themselves as the temperature suitable for human conditions.  However rapid change in temperature could  result in bad health or even cause death of your gold fish. Best suites temperature for your gold fish is between 15`c to 25`c.

checking temperature for goldfish

5 –  It’s better to attach some lights and scenery inside your aquarium.  Allow your aquarium to stay in the light for at least 8 hours a day. This helps to pop out the color of your gold fish.  You can add up with both artificial or livings plants in your gold fish home. Livings plants helps to decrease the amount of toxins that are being released in the aquarium.  Laying up rocks and pieces of wood, would be great add-up in your aquarium, this help your gold fish to explore and would have extra area to swim along in the aquarium.

6 –  Gold fish tanks need to keep changing their water, once in every week.  If you neglect the water change process, your fish would gradually loose health or even lead to their deaths. So it is an imp step, if you want your goldfish to live long and healthy. Keep in mind that whenever you filled in with new water, it must be processed through water conditioner.  Avoid washing up your fish tanks from soaps, as they could turn to be poisonous for your tiny goldfish.

Goldfish cleaned tank

7 –  It is very necessary to monitor the oxygen and temperature of your gold fish aquarium. Increasing the amount of oxygen level, will help you to reduce the temperature for your gold fish. Never keep your gold fish out of your sight. Always go for areas, where the family members spent most of their times. Avoid keeping them close to window and beyond the reach of other animals, who love to have fish in their meals.

8 –  Watch out for the Ich, one of the most common disease that occur to a goldfish.  The symptoms could be noticed, as the fish starts to get white spots all over their body and feels difficult in breathing. This could be cure, by isolating your fish and their bowls from other living things as plants or other goldfish kept in the same tank.  These parasites could spread and infect every living organism in the fish tank.

9 –  If you are living in an area where temperature changes a lot, it’s better to attach a thermometer along with your aquarium so that, you could adjust the temperature that is best suited for your goldfish.  People tend to show more care and love when they newly bring goldfish to their house, but gradually with time, they pay lack of attention and this lead in their death or some serious health issues. Thus if you are going to adopt one, make it sure that you need to give a proper care routine for them.


Conclusion – Gold fish are among those pets, that people love to keep them along with their house, working place. These little creatures are adorable to look and would make a very great pet. Although you need to provide them with extra care than any other pet animals, as they are very sensitive. Like humans, they too need maximum of 12 hours of sleep every day. Watch out the signs they show, which would make you learn that they are unhappy.  They could end up in everything, so be careful what things you add up in their tank, so that they do not get any health issues.

How To Take Care Of Old Dogs

Dogs are the first choice for anyone, who want to adopt pets in their family members. They indeed are among one of the best friends for the humans.  But they too get old, and as they are the most loved pets, you need to care about the ageing factor of your dog, so that he could be healthy and happy.  They do not need that much of care when they start getting old, but you have to be attentive how to provide better care for your old dog.

It’s better to understand the symptoms that your dog is getting older. Here are some tips that would solve out your dogs ageing factor:

Old dog

1 – After you make a note that your dog is getting old, try to provide him with a healthy diet. Go for a diet plan that is good for your dog’s lifestyle and age.  Avoid using cheap quality of dog food, as this could leave a bad effect upon their health. Never let your dog gaining a lot of weight.  This could lead to serious health issues like diabetes, cancer and overweight.  So it is hard to choose a diet plan which meets all the nutrients factors as well helps you dogs to remain in shape.

2 – Help your dog to get a proper exercise on daily basis.  This has to be done both mentally and physically. This activity helps to keep your dogs youthful.  Don’t take your dogs for a long walk; keep a short distance daily, for walking along with your dog. This will keep him fresh and peaceful.

Happy old dog

3 – One of the main things to be concerned about, when your dog is getting old, is their teeth.  As they get old, their gums and teeth began to get weak, provide them with toys that help to clean up their mouths or often consult dental treats from a doctor.  Consider your dog to go for a check up after six months, that would help you to know, what they need and how you can keep them healthy.

4 – As age of the dogs are increased, the immunity in their cells get weaker. This could also lead to health risk causes by fleas, worms and other dangerous insects. Considering a veteran doctor could help you in solving this problem.  Change your dog vaccination, having a consult by a doctor after every 3 years.

health care for old dog

5 – Provide extra care of love towards your dog. Activities like touching, hugging them, keep them happy and they loved being done like this when they start get ageing. If your dogs get bored out of his old toys, try getting him something soft toys, smaller in size. They will love to play among them. Set up a comfortable surroundings for your senior dog, where they can get easy availability of food, bedding and water to drink.  As per their age, their respiratory and lungs functioning stop working as their younger age.

Dental problem

6 – Disease get attract towards older dogs in compare to, when they are at younger age. Large breeds tend to have more health issues compared to smaller breeds; large breeds can face serious problems like arthritis in their backs.

Toe cancer

7 – Dogs seem to be one of the rigid pets to have, but as soon as they start to gain age, they could face a lot of serious health issues.  They accept more and more love and affection from their owners.  Also provide better temperature conditions for your dog, as older dog’s tries hard to regulate their body temperature. So it’s better to protect them from overheating conditions.

Infected dog

8 – As dogs starts to get old, they lack memory power and could have problems in their eye sight. You could also redesign your home, for their comforts, as you can use dog ramps instead of stairs, better design for their area’s to sleep with adding up extra blankets for them. For avoiding any issues due to your dog vision, try to keep up the floor clean so that they could feel comfortable in moving around in your house.

9 – Mental changes also sometimes lead in destructive behaviour and panic attacks.  Allow them to take their complete sleep during day time and restless during night. This will help your old dog to increase their activity level.  Not indulging them in physical activity, they could forget all the learning’s that you have made them learn through their younger period.  This is very necessary step to keep your dog socialized towards your family.

Bedding for old dog

10 – As dogs enter their age of maturity, their needs may change. After all their senses are not razor sharp as it was during their earlier period.  Show your care and love towards them if they are following you, especially from behind. They need your love and care towards them, as they are one of the family members of your house.

Conclusion – Dogs do show their love and affection towards their owners, but as time goes on, they too start to get old and they do expect the same from your side. After all, what they got in the name of family are you. So be careful about your dog as they start ageing. They need extra care, so that they could live in your family for a longer period of time.  So this animal need to care a lot when starts getting old.  Prefer visiting a veteran doctor always in 6 months for a regular check up for your dog and discuss the problems faced by them.

How To Take Care Of A Bunny

Considered among one of the adorable house pet to have.  They have wonderful characteristics and could easily get adjusted according to your surroundings.  They could easily get adjust either you live in a house, or an apartment.  As they are among sensitive pet to have, they need lot of extra care and maintenance.  They could tend to be among one of the best human companions.

The lifespan could be more than 10 years, depending about how much care you are giving towards this cute little adorable pet. There are about varieties of breeds, which may differ in size, color, and personality. These could tend to be furriest members to add up to your family.


Here are some things to watch out for, if you are planning to bring in a Bunny to your family:

1 – Bunny is mostly indoors animals. They like to be along with their owners. Never leave your bunny alone in the out, as they could get heart attacks, while seeing predators that are willing to hunt them down. Also you have to remain concern about other danger threats for your bunny like fly strike, fleas, and roundworm. As bunny are very sensitive and this could lead to serious health issues regarding your bunny.

2 – Always be accurate while going to build your bunny cage.  The cage should be designed in such a way that your bunny should move around and stretch themselves comfortably.  The actual size for your bunny cage should be 5 feet wide, 2 feet deep and 2 feet tall.  Lay the bottom of your bunny cage with solid material and the enclosure parts should be made by wire. This will allow proper ventilation for your bunny. Place the cage of your bunny at a safe corner.  Where they can hop around freely.

Bunny Cage

3 – Remove all the electrical wires, cords and other appliances from the place where you are keeping your rabbit.  As your rabbit might chew away the cords and wires.  You can use cord coverings to cover up the cords and wires, by this your bunny would not be able to chew them off.  Also avoid having toxic plants and chemicals, so that your bunny could not get harm from these.


4 – They like to burrow, they would keep on digging if they find that suitable spot for it. You can add up with cardboard boxes or wooden logs inside their cage. This will act as hiding places for them.  They love to prey small animals and insects.  You can also add tubes inside their cage, so that your bunny could play and hide into them. This will also help to keep up regular exercises for them.

5 – Bunny is quite sensitive to heat, especially during hot summer days. You could fill the cage with the papers or any other soft stuffing’s to be filled inside the cage.  Bunny likes to make a nest which is soft and cosy. Fill up the bottoms of their shelter with soft and comfortable materials, so that they could feel comfort in their nest. You could also lay up your bunny nest with hay. They are something great for bedding as well as one of the important parts of their natural diet.  Alfalfa hay is not best suited for your bunny, so avoid using this type of hay for your bunny.

6 – Hay is among one of the main components that should be included among your bunny diet.  The owner should check the availability of the hay, and should be giving this every next day to their bunny. They are herbivores animals so, be sure that along with hay, you should keep giving your bunny with green spinach, carrots, some of the fruits like bananas, berries as special treats. Carrots are high in sugar, so they need to be given in an abundant quality.


7 – Avoid giving your bunny, with the foods that are being made for humans.  Avoid giving them with foods like bread, candy, meat grains. Also avoid giving you bunny the grass which has been cut off. This will lead to serious health issues and digestion relating problems.

8 – Provide plenty of water for your bunny to drink. The water should be keep on changing the other day, thus it is better to store the fresh water for you bunny. Bunny is could some time spill out the water bowl if it is inside the cage, so keep a regular check that it never lack out of water.

9 – Your bunny loves to play and hop around daily. So let him out of the cage for at least 2 hours a day.  Mostly after the sun is about to dawn.  If you are letting your rabbit out from the house, for their exercises, never left him alone. They might raise several threats from other animals. You can interact with them or let them enjoy of their own. Keep other animals like dog and cats away from the area were you have kept your bunny.


10 – Provide you bunny with lot of toys, they love to play among them. They like to chew, so you can give them old books for this. They are most recommended to keep with pairs as they are social animals.  The bodies are very tender of bunny, so be very careful while you pick them up. Do not ever pick them holding their ears or from the neck.

11 – These little creatures need time to establish bonds with their owners. One could help this issue with giving them special treats or just patting them behind their ears. Sometimes they might scratch or bite when you are trying to pick them from their cage, this happens the most, as they love to be remain in their comfort zone. For their healthy maintenance, visit your bunny once in year to a doctor for the check up.


Conclusion – Thus these little creatures make a wonderful pet to have in your family.  They are quite sensitive so, be careful while you are planning to adopt one for your house.  They are something adorable pet for children as they need extra care. If you are planning to bring one, adopt it from animal shelter rather than pet store.

How To Take Care Of Guinea Pigs

If you want to read an article clearing all the queries about Guinea Pigs then definitely this is the right article for you.

If you are looking to buy a new pet for your child then certainly Guinea Pigs are the one of the best options. Guinea pigs (or Cavies) are small species of Rodent family. Despite their name they are neither Guinea nor Pig.

They are about 20-25 cm in Length and Weighing between 700g and 1,200g. Their lifespan is average about 4-5 years but may live long as Eight years.

They are fascinating, intelligent and if handled correctly are quite friendly.

They are viewed as an easy pet for the children but they require special attention & care than the child’s favorite stuffed toy.

These are the things all you need to know about guinea pig.

1. Make A Cage 

Like Rabbit & other small domesticated mammals they require an Environment & are Sociable. They will be slightly shy in starting but they will be quite friendly after few days. The cage should be at least 18 inches wide, 14 inches high and 25 inches deep. As they are active pets allow as much as possible space them to move and run.

Guinea Pigs Cage
  • The cage must have the solid bottom (not a wired one) to make sure guinea pigs fragile feet’s are not hurt.
  • A lid is must if the cage is below 14 inches height.
  • In case of multilevel cage the fall should not be greater than 6 inches because this fall will hurt its legs & feet. Elderly pigs should be kept in Flat cages.
  • Provide the bedding of at least 5 inches made up of paper or aspen and change it twice a week and more often if it is a humid area. Do not use any toxic material for bedding as guinea pigs graze everything they can find.
  • Cedar bedding causes respiratory problem so it should be avoided.

2. Stuffs Needed:

  • Bedding:  Provide the bedding of at least 5 inches made up of paper or aspen and change it twice a week and more if it’s a humid area.
  • Hay House: The 3/4 part of hay house should be always filled because they are grazing animals. It should be within easy reach & cleaned daily to ensure their good health.
  • Hide House:  This will allow them to play themselves & keep them interesting.
  • Bottles:  The water dispenser should be a water bottle with a little ball in spout. The water bottle should be elevated because pigs can poop or pee in the bottle or food dish.
  • Chew Toys: Since the front teeth’s of guinea pig are always growing so there should be some chew toys to wear their teeth constantly.
Guinea pig cage

3. Location for Cage:

  • Temperature: The average temperature of the cage should be kept between 18-25 degree Celsius.
  • Other animals:  It should be ensured that guinea pig should be safe from the reach of dogs and cats.
  • Garage & Kitchen:  Make sure that cage is far away from garage and kitchen because the fumes coming out of vehicle and kitchen can injure or even kill the pig.
  • Far from Danger:  The cage should be kept away from electrical circuits, fire, toxic things etc.
  • Impact:  Prevent the trip, push and knock of the cage.

4. Handling:

They require careful handling as they are easily stressed. To pick them up you should use both the hands. Slowly place one hand under it’s chest just behind the front legs and other hand under its hindquarters, grab it firm but not too tight and pick it up & place it near your chest or lap so that he feels safe.


Guinea pig tries to clean them up by using their teeth, tongue and back claws, but it is advised to clean them up regularly. Its nails and hair should be cut in regular interval. Water bottle and food dish should also be cleaned up daily to avoid buildup of food, bacteria and algae.

5. Diet:

Selection of right food is must if you want your pet to stay healthy and active. These pets generally prefer hay which generally covers all the nutrients it needed.

Vitamin C:  One of the most important facts should be kept in mind that these pets are not able to generate vitamin C of their own so their diet should consists of adequate amount of vitamin.

Babies & Moms:  Alfalfa hay should be feed to babies 6 month old/ pregnant/nursing sows because it has lot of extra nutrients in it which generally elder do not require.

Hay:  Orchard grass, timothy and bluegrass hay should be feed to pigs, which are older than 6 months. There should always be stock so that they can graze all the day. One thing should be kept in mind that pointed or sharp food should not be feed to them as it can be pierced into their eyes and feather.

Malocclusion:  Malocclusion which is misalignment of teeth can occur due to lack of hay, it requires surgical treatment.

Leaf:  About 20% of diet guinea pigs diet should consist of green leafy vegetables.

Veggies:  Some veggies like corn, kale, row broccoli, carrots, celery, cucumber, tomatoes, pod-peas, cucumber should be given in small amounts to maintain their vitamin and other requirements.

Fruit:  Some fruits like apple and strawberries can be given to pigs in small chunks. But it should be limited as some acid in the fruit can harm the digestive system of the pigs.

Other Foods:  Do not feed your pig other food because organic grass, pallets, hay and fresh veggies are all the food that they needed. Food other than these can lead to serious problem.


6. Exercise & Socialize your pet:

Since Guinea pigs are social animal so they should be given floor time each day. In this way they can be exercised and their physique can be maintained.

  • Care should be taken that the floor area should not be near to electrical circuits, fire or any other threats.
  • Make sure to put some toys and tunnels in the playing area.
  • Make a healthy relation with your pet. Try to analyze the sounds and the behavior of your pets.
  • Complete Supervision is required if pet is outside the cage.
  • Try to interact as much as possible times with your pet, in this way neither it will feel alone nor you. In this way your stress will also be relieved to some extent.


If you are looking for a small pet which you may give to your children then guinea pig will be your best choice. These are small pets which require utmost care & attention. As we have seen earlier a slight lack in care of them can lead to risk of their lives. If you find any unhealthy condition of them then you should immediately consult to a vet doctor. These are the animals which give you immense pleasure and satisfaction if maintained and taken with utmost care.

We are human beings thus we have the Social responsibility to take care of every species in earth & try our best to conserve the beauty of Earth.

Go Green & Love Everyone!