Goldfish are among one of the common pets that you could easily find in most of the houses. They are considered to be first among the species of fish, which you can adopt as a pet.

Taming a goldfish could be enjoyed by both, children and adults. As they are small tiny creatures, they need a lot of proper care to look after, for having a healthy and stress free goldfish in your house.  Their environment control is upon your hand, as they deserve proper and suitable environment for their survival.

These could make great decoration for your office and homes. Gold fish are among one of the most demanded pets to adopt for your family since very long. They come in lot of different varieties, which would make an adorable pet to have.

As these pets are small and sensitive to care, let’s go down for some tips which would help to keep your little loved ones, healthy and happy.

9 Simple Tips on How to Take Care of Goldfish

How to Take Care of Goldfish

1 –  Talking about goldfish, from very long they are tend to be kept in small fish bowl, which decreases their life span. As risk of having ammonia increases for them in small fish bowls. So for better health and longer life span, always go for tank which is large enough.

Gold fish bowl

Gold fish need about 35 liters of water in their bowl or tank whatever you choose from. That requirement is just for tiny gold fish, you will have to accommodate the amount of water, as your fish tends to grow in size. They best suitable place to keep them is either ponds or aquarium.

2 –  Be careful about the diet which you are giving to your goldfish.  These tiny creatures are mainly omnivores and could eat almost everything.  They could eat up leaves, insects or algae, in their diet. They are very much fond of varieties of food which are given to them. You can also add up some fresh fruits and green vegetables, chopped into small pieces to feed them. Giving over-diet of food could result in their death.

Aquarium for goldfish

3 –  Go for laying down large gravel’s inside your best fish tank. This would enhance the beauty of your fish tank and if the size are big, your gold fish wouldn’t swallow them. As often, the foods gets struck down into these gravels and while searching for food sometimes goldfish goes on swallowing the gravel’s which could result in their death. Clean the gravels before laying them inside your aquarium and soak them for at least one whole day. This would remove the toxins from the gravels. So that your goldfish could not get harm by unhealthy toxins.

4 –  Gold fish can survive in cold water, and the aquarium doesn’t need to be heated for their suitable living conditions.  They can adjust themselves as the temperature suitable for human conditions.  However rapid change in temperature could  result in bad health or even cause death of your gold fish. Best suites temperature for your gold fish is between 15`c to 25`c.

checking temperature for goldfish

5 –  It’s better to attach some lights and scenery inside your aquarium.  Allow your aquarium to stay in the light for at least 8 hours a day. This helps to pop out the color of your gold fish.  You can add up with both artificial or livings plants in your gold fish home. Livings plants helps to decrease the amount of toxins that are being released in the aquarium.  Laying up rocks and pieces of wood, would be great add-up in your aquarium, this help your gold fish to explore and would have extra area to swim along in the aquarium.

6 –  Gold fish tanks need to keep changing their water, once in every week.  If you neglect the water change process, your fish would gradually loose health or even lead to their deaths. So it is an imp step, if you want your goldfish to live long and healthy. Keep in mind that whenever you filled in with new water, it must be processed through water conditioner.  Avoid washing up your fish tanks from soaps, as they could turn to be poisonous for your tiny goldfish.

Goldfish cleaned tank

7 –  It is very necessary to monitor the oxygen and temperature of your gold fish aquarium. Increasing the amount of oxygen level, will help you to reduce the temperature for your gold fish. Never keep your gold fish out of your sight. Always go for areas, where the family members spent most of their times. Avoid keeping them close to window and beyond the reach of other animals, who love to have fish in their meals.

8 –  Watch out for the Ich, one of the most common disease that occur to a goldfish.  The symptoms could be noticed, as the fish starts to get white spots all over their body and feels difficult in breathing. This could be cure, by isolating your fish and their bowls from other living things as plants or other goldfish kept in the same tank.  These parasites could spread and infect every living organism in the fish tank.

9 –  If you are living in an area where temperature changes a lot, it’s better to attach a thermometer along with your aquarium so that, you could adjust the temperature that is best suited for your goldfish.  People tend to show more care and love when they newly bring goldfish to their house, but gradually with time, they pay lack of attention and this lead in their death or some serious health issues. Thus if you are going to adopt one, make it sure that you need to give a proper care routine for them.


Conclusion – Gold fish are among those pets, that people love to keep them along with their house, working place. These little creatures are adorable to look and would make a very great pet. Although you need to provide them with extra care than any other pet animals, as they are very sensitive. Like humans, they too need maximum of 12 hours of sleep every day. Watch out the signs they show, which would make you learn that they are unhappy.  They could end up in everything, so be careful what things you add up in their tank, so that they do not get any health issues.

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