Considered among one of the adorable house pet to have.  They have wonderful characteristics and could easily get adjusted according to your surroundings.  They could easily get adjust either you live in a house, or an apartment.  As they are among sensitive pet to have, they need lot of extra care and maintenance.  They could tend to be among one of the best human companions.

The lifespan could be more than 10 years, depending about how much care you are giving towards this cute little adorable pet. There are about varieties of breeds, which may differ in size, color, and personality. These could tend to be furriest members to add up to your family.


Here are some things to watch out for, if you are planning to bring in a Bunny to your family:

1 – Bunny is mostly indoors animals. They like to be along with their owners. Never leave your bunny alone in the out, as they could get heart attacks, while seeing predators that are willing to hunt them down. Also you have to remain concern about other danger threats for your bunny like fly strike, fleas, and roundworm. As bunny are very sensitive and this could lead to serious health issues regarding your bunny.

2 – Always be accurate while going to build your bunny cage.  The cage should be designed in such a way that your bunny should move around and stretch themselves comfortably.  The actual size for your bunny cage should be 5 feet wide, 2 feet deep and 2 feet tall.  Lay the bottom of your bunny cage with solid material and the enclosure parts should be made by wire. This will allow proper ventilation for your bunny. Place the cage of your bunny at a safe corner.  Where they can hop around freely.

Bunny Cage

3 – Remove all the electrical wires, cords and other appliances from the place where you are keeping your rabbit.  As your rabbit might chew away the cords and wires.  You can use cord coverings to cover up the cords and wires, by this your bunny would not be able to chew them off.  Also avoid having toxic plants and chemicals, so that your bunny could not get harm from these.


4 – They like to burrow, they would keep on digging if they find that suitable spot for it. You can add up with cardboard boxes or wooden logs inside their cage. This will act as hiding places for them.  They love to prey small animals and insects.  You can also add tubes inside their cage, so that your bunny could play and hide into them. This will also help to keep up regular exercises for them.

5 – Bunny is quite sensitive to heat, especially during hot summer days. You could fill the cage with the papers or any other soft stuffing’s to be filled inside the cage.  Bunny likes to make a nest which is soft and cosy. Fill up the bottoms of their shelter with soft and comfortable materials, so that they could feel comfort in their nest. You could also lay up your bunny nest with hay. They are something great for bedding as well as one of the important parts of their natural diet.  Alfalfa hay is not best suited for your bunny, so avoid using this type of hay for your bunny.

6 – Hay is among one of the main components that should be included among your bunny diet.  The owner should check the availability of the hay, and should be giving this every next day to their bunny. They are herbivores animals so, be sure that along with hay, you should keep giving your bunny with green spinach, carrots, some of the fruits like bananas, berries as special treats. Carrots are high in sugar, so they need to be given in an abundant quality.


7 – Avoid giving your bunny, with the foods that are being made for humans.  Avoid giving them with foods like bread, candy, meat grains. Also avoid giving you bunny the grass which has been cut off. This will lead to serious health issues and digestion relating problems.

8 – Provide plenty of water for your bunny to drink. The water should be keep on changing the other day, thus it is better to store the fresh water for you bunny. Bunny is could some time spill out the water bowl if it is inside the cage, so keep a regular check that it never lack out of water.

9 – Your bunny loves to play and hop around daily. So let him out of the cage for at least 2 hours a day.  Mostly after the sun is about to dawn.  If you are letting your rabbit out from the house, for their exercises, never left him alone. They might raise several threats from other animals. You can interact with them or let them enjoy of their own. Keep other animals like dog and cats away from the area were you have kept your bunny.


10 – Provide you bunny with lot of toys, they love to play among them. They like to chew, so you can give them old books for this. They are most recommended to keep with pairs as they are social animals.  The bodies are very tender of bunny, so be very careful while you pick them up. Do not ever pick them holding their ears or from the neck.

11 – These little creatures need time to establish bonds with their owners. One could help this issue with giving them special treats or just patting them behind their ears. Sometimes they might scratch or bite when you are trying to pick them from their cage, this happens the most, as they love to be remain in their comfort zone. For their healthy maintenance, visit your bunny once in year to a doctor for the check up.


Conclusion – Thus these little creatures make a wonderful pet to have in your family.  They are quite sensitive so, be careful while you are planning to adopt one for your house.  They are something adorable pet for children as they need extra care. If you are planning to bring one, adopt it from animal shelter rather than pet store.

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